Tyler Lockwood week:
Day 4: Favorite friendship


Honoree Ian Somerhalder and Bryn Mooser pose onstage at Heifer International’s 3rd Annual “Beyond Hunger: A Place At The Table” Gala (August 22)


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“It’s too late to make amends, Damon. You know me. Never let go of a good vendetta, and this one is just getting started.”

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sexymachisne/tumblr/com/post/95665390315 what's the ep


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vc tem twitter? insta?

meu twitter sempre foi o fckingselena/selenssa mas desativei agora estou no ninadobres e insta nao passo aqui desculpa 

Ariana + Her singles so far


Michael Jackson’s very first Christmas, 1993. (x)