i guess i just needed my b r o t h e r


the vampire diaries relationships

↳Damon and Stefan ♔ “I’ve pretty much been on my own since our little falling out in 1912…did you ever think that I just need my little brother?” 

— How did you know that I would stop Damon?

— I didn’t. I was just hoping that you would want to.

Bad Meets Evil


The Vampire Diaries - My Dinner Date with… Nina Dobrev [x]

Tyler Lockwood week:
Day 4: Favorite friendship


Honoree Ian Somerhalder and Bryn Mooser pose onstage at Heifer International’s 3rd Annual “Beyond Hunger: A Place At The Table” Gala (August 22)


tvd meme10 characters as voted by our followers - 8/10 Enzo

“It’s too late to make amends, Damon. You know me. Never let go of a good vendetta, and this one is just getting started.”